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Writing Services

Candy Schulman has written résumés in every business and profession, including fashion, publishing, advertising, finance, the arts, new media, and not-for-profit. Her clients have accepted senior and middle-management positions in leading international organizations, as well as small companies they have launched and grown. She has worked with clients throughout the U.S., in Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong.


She adapts résumés into compelling LinkedIn profiles and applies her expert writing skills for consultants and business owners who require bios, press kits, and website copy to promote an accomplished career, launch a business venture, or attract new clients.


But what differentiates Candy Schulman from other professional résumé writing services is that she is first and foremost a writer. She is an award-winning writer whose numerous publications include The New York Times, New York Magazine, Travel & Leisure, Parents, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, and in anthologies.


She has lectured at premier writers' conferences and has been a guest speaker on National Public Radio. A distinguished writing professor at The New School for 25 years, she has a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology from New York University. A native New Yorker, she lives in Manhattan.

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